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Intent Marketing: Your B2C direct mail campaign just got a whole lot better.

Finally, the right message and the right offer... at precisely the right time.

Imagine you could see what everyone on the internet was interested in. If you could target specific people based on content they're consuming, who would you target? Instead of the one-size-fits-some segments you’re accustomed to receiving, intent marketing allows you to micro-target your ideal audience based on online consumption by supplying the name, postal and email of the consumer.

The source of intent marketing is actual online behavior data collected in real-time; leveraging a broad network and innovative tracking techniques to discover behavioral keywords, phrases, and terms. Using this intelligence, a complex and effective formula is created, which classifies user intent. The solution tracks online consumption behavior on 91% of accessible devices in the US every month; utilizing millions of sites across billions of devices. The result is an in-depth insight into browsing habits, which gives you what you need to turbo-boost the targeting of your direct mail.

This is more powerful than online search data because the vast majority it comes from the keywords on a page the person is reading versus the keywords that led them to that page. This means the data is based on content that their eyeballs are actually reading, parsing out the relevant intent-driven information.

Like any data source, it's not perfect. The conversion from anonymous visitor to a deliverable address is about 20 percent. But it's still a big deal. These consumers have provided their information during the website visit which allows a link between the behavior and the consumer name and address using a comprehensive third party data asset. This is powerful because as marketers, we can now deliver more timely, relevant messaging to consumers we know are in the market for our products or services.

In the past, we've always used life-stage events to identify predictable spending and we will continue to do so because it works. Targeting consumers based on purchase intent is just another smart way to micro-target your best possible new customer.

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